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2016 Havre de Grace Art Show Award Winners 

Category   1st Place  2nd Place 3rd Place 
  $100 Award $75 Award $50 Award
Jewelry Carlos Zepeda Suzanne Krongold Diana Hirsch
  Cozanna On the Spot Jewelry Dos Gatos Artisan
Photography Yuriy Zahvoyskyy Kyle Wilson Susan Block
     Nation Panorama Left Behind Art-2-Die 4
Pottery Mark Poole Ellen Robinson  
  Mark Poole Pottery E Jay Art  
Painting Ellis Porter Steve Rowlands Steve Lucy
    Lat Long Studio Woodgrain Interpretations
Glass Justin Cavagnaro Celeste Kelly Dean Cooper
  Burning Both Ends   Suncaster
Sculpture Marc DeMichele Don Drew  
  Nautical Sand Sculpture Cooper Creations  
Woodworking Gilbert Carey Neil Claypoole John Styer
  Gilbert's Woodcraft Jonathan's Spoons The Lathemeister
Miscellaneous June Hersey Diane Starkell Cathy Shapiro
  Bey-her Baskets Terre verde Candles Cathy's Ginger Spices
Students Kyra Shacleford Nikki Ishak Natalie & Noel Walters
  $50 Award $25 Award $10 Award


$400 Award Winner






Overlooking the Chesapeake Bay
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